"For you and your family we have thought of a modern home, attentive to the economy and the environment".
 A manufacturing philosophy that looks to the future, designed for you to live in a new way. A design philosophy that focuses on the person and the family and taking into account several parameters: harmony, energy saving, safety, environmental sustainability and comfort. A concrete project, based on simple and verifiable principles. A building that is born allowing to look to the future with certainty because designed to ensure an economic value capable of lasting and revalue over time. Centrality, traditions and art of living are the values ​​that have guided us in the design of Residenza dei Belgi Monza. The project is close to the center, in Via Cavallotti, a residential area of ​​the city of Monza. A district full of history, where still there are small shops and services useful to people. An area close to everything, thanks to a network of buses and thanks to the new roads of Lombardy avenue connecting to Milan or Lecco. A green area with life in the middle: the greatest lung of Europe, the Park of Monza, near, to breathe air of home even when you're out.